Octuber. Second Sunday.

In the month of October, the city of Belém in Pará has a party like no other. Everything changes for “Círio de Nazaré” to happen. In a work for TV Cultura inspired by the project “Life in a Day” I created a campaign that called for popular participation to tell the life of that unique day in the city from dawn until the end of the day.

Using the tag #meucirioeassim and receiving videos through the project website, we reunited more than six hours of material, carefully selected to generate the first truly collaborative film about the largest religious procession in Latin America. Check out the trailer:



Generating audience impact


Since the launch of the project teaser, which invited people to send videos, participation has been massive. There were 16 thousand views in one week, on the Portal Cultura website. The multiplatform project, started on the internet, went to the city streets on Círio’s day, debuted in Cinema and was shown on television. Generating a unique impact on a creation coming from Public TV.